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PayPal Invoicing Module for CakeBoss Cloud

PayPal Invoicing Module for CakeBoss Cloud

Integrate CakeBoss Cloud with your PayPal account!*

Watch video below to see complete demonstration.

PayPal Acceptance Mark


Send your customer PayPal invoices directly from your CakeBoss Cloud order screen. No file exporting required.

Import PayPal payments directly to your CakeBoss Cloud order with one click.

Using PayPal for your payments allows you to accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Customers appreciate convenient payment options. Get paid faster with PayPal invoicing!

Only $39.00 USD. This is a one-time only fee.**

* Note - you must have a business or premier PayPal account to utilize this feature. If you do not currently have this type of account, you will be prompted to upgrade when you authorize PayPal to communicate with CakeBoss Cloud. Read here for more information.

** All usual PayPal fees still apply to payments received through PayPal.

How to purchase:

1. In your CakeBoss Cloud account, go to the "My Bakery" tab.

2. Click the "PayPal Invoice" button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Follow prompts to purchase.

PayPal Module Instructions

1. Purchase PayPal module in CakeBoss Cloud by clicking the "PayPal Invoicing" button at the bottom of your My Bakery screen.

2. Go to CakeBoss Cloud, My Bakery, PayPal tab.

3. Click Authorize PayPal.

4. Log into PayPal and click Grant Permission to authorize PayPal to communicate with CakeBoss Cloud.

5. When you are returned to CakeBoss Cloud, go back to My Bakery, PayPal tab. If necessary, update your email, language, currency, and country code.

6. If you have contract terms that you would like to display on your PayPal invoice, enter them in the Terms box.

7. Click Save.

Your authorization is now complete.

Notes about sending Paypal invoices from CakeBoss Cloud

1. The invoice is always sent for the amount of the next scheduled, unpaid payment.

2. Invoices are sent to the customer's email address that is entered on their Customer Information screen.

3. The first invoice number will be the order number. Subsequent invoices for the same order will be named ordernumber.1, ordernumber.2, etc.

4. To send the invoice, click the button called Send Paypal Invoice on your Order screen. This will lead you to a confirmation screen. Confirm that the information is correct, then click Send Paypal Invoice again.

5. To check for paid invoices, click the button called Update Paypal Invoices on the Order screen, Payments tab.

6. The information from your 'Notes' tab will display underneath the Terms section.  The PayPal invoice does not support HTML, so all formatting (bold, italic, hyperlinks, bullets, embedded images, etc) will be lost.  Only plain text will display on the PayPal invoice. 


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