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Since purchasing CakeBoss, I have been more efficient and have not under estimated my hard work. I love this program!
Denise P.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program. I was undercharging terribly before I bought this software. I will not even attempt to quote a cake before entering all my data.
Julie W.
I have to thank you again for making such a great program. I could not fathom running my business without it!
Tasha M.
I have been struggling for the past 10 years to keep myself organized with my small cake business. I was looking for a way to help me keep track of my inventory, recipes, clients, finances, costing out my cakes, keep pictures together with orders, while not keeping a ton of paper work around (keeping green). CakeBoss has done all that and more. You can't beat the program for the money. I have quite a few friends all over the country who have their own businesses and I recommend CakeBoss as the best program out there.
Rachel M.
Thanks for a great program! Until now I've been plugging away with Excel and Word (excel for a um-teen worksheets of costings for each recipe, tin size and shape and excel and word together as a mail merge for invoicing). I'm finding that CakeBoss is just so much more powerful.
Rebecca H.
I have been trying to put this stuff together on Quickbooks and it was a bit overwhelming. I have been very impressed with CakeBoss and how easy it is to use. Your customer response and the improvements you are always working on have been fantastic too.
Leslie F.
I have to tell you how much I LOVE CakeBoss. I am so happy I bought it!
Prudence M.
CakeBoss is incredible. When I tried to explain to my accountant that all you will need is CakeBoss, he didn't believe me. Once I showed it to him and what I could do and the reports I could run, and figuring my profits, and pie charts, etc, he was amazed. When you can make an accountant smile that is pretty good stuff!! Thank you for all that you do to make this such a great tool for small or large business owners to succeed with ease with the tools you have provided to us.
Mary Beth T.
I'm having a lot of fun learning to use CakeBoss. I have been totally surprised at the amount a cake costs to make. I think I enjoy the recipes and cost feature the best.
Selina D.
I just purchased CakeBoss 3 days ago and I love it. I used to do all of the [cost] calculating and stuff on Excel, but this program is a huge time saver for me and I can always use more time. I don't do many cakes...but I think this is still worth the investment.
Mary H.
CakeBoss is the best tool we can have! Even better than a KitchenAid!    With this product you know how much you should be charging. NO MORE UNDER PRICED CAKES! No more losing money, no more losing papers.  Keep it all in one place. [They] have been excellent when I have a question, and if there is a problem they are always right there to fix it. CakeBoss is the best investment you can make!
Paula S.
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do all of the work in getting this to us decorators. I have been so "less stressed" having CakeBoss. I think if people knew how much it helps, not just the pricing but the stress and for my records and taxes, I think they wouldn’t hesitate to get it. Great tool!
Danielle I.
I love my CakeBoss! It has helped me organize a lot of the loose papers I had here and there. It is so easy now to pull up or enter new customers and figure the cost all at one time. It is about time that someone who knows what they are doing in our field created a tool to make our lives more organized and less painful during our crunch weeks.
Linda R.
CakeBoss has completely changed the way I schedule my orders. I actually know when my schedule is full instead of panicking on a Friday night because I just realized that I have double the orders I should for a Saturday and didn't realize it until I was going through the hundreds of little pieces of paper on my desk, on my work counter, etc. I can also ask anyone who is working with me at the time to look up an order, whereas before, I was the only one who could understand anything!!
Amy B.
I absolutely love CakeBoss! I put together my first wedding cake order on it and I now can see exactly what I need in order to make this cake and make a profit on it!
Rachel W.
I've wasted more time trying to find where I've written something--due dates, names, phone numbers, etc, etc. What a dream come true. So user friendly and well thought out. Makes running the business so much more efficient and effective. And, continually looking to modify and improve with open dialog and feedback from users. YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED!!!
Diane P.
I have just started to use CakeBoss but so far it has made my life so much easier. I can get organized with all my recipes, contacts and a calendar to see what is coming next. Thanks!
Kim B.
I love CakeBoss!! I has really taken my home business to the next level! Everything is so organized and looks so professional! Thanks CakeBoss!!
Sarah A.
It truly is a life-changing program! Extremely well thought out and designed - I don't know how I've ever got along without it! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!
Trudi R.
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that I purchased and installed CakeBoss this morning and already I am in love. Thank you for making such a wonderful, user friendly, affordable software for those of us in the cake and pastry business.  Wonderful job, wonderful product!
Darcy R.
I LOVE CAKEBOSS! Everything is in one place, and it's very user friendly. You really don't have to be a computer geek to use this program! Within minutes of downloading I was entering customers and orders and had everything running smoothly. [They] really listen and keep adding helpful features that continue to simplify our jobs. You guys are the best! Thanks so much for all your hard work!
Michelle B.
As I've been working with CakeBoss I realized how little I was charging.  I also feel better about the few people who thought I was charging too much.  Great program! Thanks!
Janie R.
CakeBoss really simplifies a lot of tasks. All my recipes in one spot, customer info (including birthdays and anniversaries) orders kept neat and in order, in short all relevant info at my fingertips.  Really does make everything simpler and the support forum is great. Answers come fast and suggestion acted upon. Try to find that anywhere else. Thanks guys, great job.
Ursula S.
I just love CakeBoss. I run my business from home, and it is sure nice not to have millions of papers everywhere. CakeBoss has simplified everything for me. Now when the phone rings I immediately enter info on my customers. No more looking for what envelope I wrote something on the back of!! Thanks Guys!!
Stefanie L.
This is a GREAT program. My partner and I always said there should be a program to organize everything but be cake related. We started making spreadsheets but they are hard to work with and make them all work and update with eachother in a real pain. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! This program makes life so easy and it's fun to work with too. It's easy to navigate through and I love the boldness of it.
Sue B.
I have been using CakeBoss for about a week and a half now and I love it. So much easier than Excel or Works Spreadsheet and has so much more to it. I am so much more organized with everything from recipes to orders all in one very convenient place. I haven't lost or forgotten anything since I started using it. I don't know what I would do without it now!
Angel C.
I just wanted to drop you a note that I had my first official cookie order this week, so I was very excited to use the software…[my customer] knew I was just starting out, etc. Boy was she impressed when I even had my own invoices with logo and everything! She was very impressed with how professional everything was and I know that CakeBoss was a big part in making my cookie business look that way when I delivered the order. Thanks so much guys!
Michelle M.
When I received CakeBoss, I was immediately blown away by all of the features. I entered a cake I had due that week. It was a 2 tiered topsy turvy cake to serve 50 people. I quoted $50.00 for the cake. Once I added up my ingredients on CakeBoss, I realized that I had spent $46.00 in supplies alone!! That was the LAST time I quoted a price without using Cake Boss.  I average about 20 cakes a week, and I'm able to keep track of each and every order without fail. I know exactly how much I spend on every order, my profits for the whole month at a glance, when the cake is due and where to deliver...I couldn't ask for more (though there is plenty more included). I rely more heavily on this one tool for my cake business than any other (including my oven), which an amazing statement on its own, but every bit true!
Tina H.
I just purchased CakeBoss and I LOVE it! It is so nice to know how much cakes cost to make! I was definitely losing money before! Thank you so much for developing this program! You have saved me so much guess work and time!
Tammy O.
I LOVE CakeBoss! No more lost phone numbers, or having to call and confirm a delivery. Now when I get an order, everything goes straight into CakeBoss and I never have to worry where I laid "that paper" again. I also love that it shows me in black and white my cost and my profit. I now know where my profit is and how much it is! Thanks so much!
Kimberly C.
CakeBoss is such a money saver! Recently I made a cake for a birthday party and was going to charge $30.00 for it, but when using CakeBoss to figure my pricing it gave me a price of $56.00. It's a great addition to even the small home business.
Becky G.
CakeBoss is absolutely awesome! I love it, love it, love it! Keeps track of all of your customers, orders (past and present), prints invoices, you can track cost and profit for each order, and you can pull reports (which I love too! makes it very easy when paying taxes, looking at sales over any period of time, etc). For me this pulls just about everything together in one place, can't get much better than that. And, great customer service, if I have a question/suggestion I hear from them right away! Oh, how did I forget, there is also a calendar which uploads your orders once entered.... love it.  Worth every penny.
Beth S.
I purchased CakeBoss last year and I have not regretted it. They have always been prompt to answer my questions. I have really appreciated the great customer service. This program has been a fantastic way for me to think through the "why I do things the way I do them" in billing. I am seeing my costs in a whole new light, and the importance of charging a price that is fair to me. I also enjoy having an invoice that looks professional with my logo on it.
Debbie B.
Since using CakeBoss, business has become more simplified.  At the end of this year I was able to print out a report that showed where my profits and losses were so that I could go into a new year ready.  Even my accountant was impressed.  I haven't even mentioned the customer service... it is beyond phenomenal.  Every question addressed and a solution provided, quickly and efficiently.  This program has been the best investment tool I have made in cakes and confections to date.  THANKS CAKEBOSS TEAM... YOU'RE AWESOME!!
Kim S.
It's so sobering to see just how much I'm spending versus charging. It's one thing to have rough numbers scribbled on post-its and quite another to see everything actually accounted for and calculated. It feels so good to finally feel a bit more in control and justified in charging for my work. CakeBoss is a great program and I'll be highly recommending it!
Jennifer R.
CakeBoss has helped me grow my home based business to a very productive, looking for an actual building, business.  It has helped me more than you could every imagine!  The CakeBoss program, especially the Cloud version now, helps me present an absolute professional business no matter where I go!
Karen S.


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