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CakeBoss Recommended Cake Decorating Supplies

CakeBoss Recommended Cake Decorating Supplies

At CakeBoss, we get questions all the time like "What kind of fondant do you use?" and "What are your favorite cake decorating supplies?" Here are some of our favorite items and brands!
Parrish "Magic Line" Cake Pans
Wow, do we love these. Top of the line, yet affordable for hobbyists. Don't cut corners and buy pans from the craft store. Your pans are the foundation of your cake. Magic Line pans cook evenly, give beautiful, crisp, square corners, and lovely outside browning. Be sure to always hand-wash them. If they are put through the dishwasher, it can destroy their outside finish. We prefer to use the 2" deep pans.

AmeriColor Color Gels
Bright, true colors without any funky taste. They're also easy to dispense in their squeeze bottles.

Satin Ice Fondant
Again - steer clear of the stuff in the craft store.  Satin Ice has a pleasant flavor and is a dream to work with - easily kneadable and rollable, but not overly stretchy.

Ateco Decorating Tips
We just like the solid construction of these over and above the craft store tips.

Offset Cake Spatula
Offset spatulas are a cake decorator's best friend. Invest in a quality set.

Airbrushing opens up a whole new world of shades and colors with your cake decorating, and besides that, it's just plain fun. Invest in a beginner kit and take a class if you're able!

Stand Mixer
For making cakes and frosting, a stand mixer is a must. It is a large initial investment, but they last for decades, and save so much time and effort that you'll wonder what you ever did without one.

PME Cutters and Tools
High quality cutters, molds, and other tools which really give your cake a professional finish.

Fondant Paddles
Don't use your hands to smooth a fondant cake. You get a much better result using fondant paddles.

Silicone Rolling Pin
We love our silicone rolling pin for rolling fondant and gumpaste.

Heavy Duty Decorating Turntable
A heavy duty cake turntable is a must. Don't even think about buying one at the craft store. Heavy duty professional turntables are comparable in price, but will never, ever, dump your cake on the floor like a lightweight one will.

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