Upgrading to CakeBoss Cloud
Upgrade cost from CakeBoss 2010 Desktop to CakeBoss Cloud:
$49.00 plus $20.00 per year data storage fee.

Your first year data storage fee is INCLUDED in the $49.00.

Upgrades also receive one additional employee login ID, valued at $25.00.

FAQ about Upgrades


Is CakeBoss Cloud some kind of backup system for CakeBoss on my desktop?

‚ÄčNo. CakeBoss Cloud is an entirely new CakeBoss program in HTML that allows you to log in from your desktop, your Mac, a tablet, or a smartphone. CakeBoss Cloud is faster and contains many new features. Since your data will be hosted in Microsoft's Azure cloud, you can never lose your data if something bad happens to your PC.

Do I have to upgrade from CakeBoss desktop to CakeBoss Cloud?
Not at all! Some users prefer CakeBoss locally on their PC's, and you can keep using CakeBoss 2007 or 2010 on your PC as long as you wish. However, we think you'll really enjoy the speed, convenience, and new features of CakeBoss Cloud.

Do I have to have internet access to use CakeBoss Cloud?
Yes. CakeBoss Cloud is hosted on Microsoft's Azure servers, and it accessed via your web browser. You must have internet access to log in to your account.

If I upgrade, can I upload my existing data from CakeBoss 2010?
Yes! You may upload your data one time, then we recommend uninstalling CakeBoss 2010 and always using CakeBoss Cloud.

Once I upgrade, can I switch back and forth from CakeBoss Cloud to CakeBoss 2010 on my PC?
No. CakeBoss Cloud does not sync with your desktop application. Once you upgrade into CakeBoss Cloud, that will be how you use CakeBoss going forward.

Can I upgrade from CakeBoss 2007 to CakeBoss Cloud?
Yes. Please email us for details.

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